Arden Seminars is “slow food for the brain, authentic ingredients, classic recipes with a touch of innovation, careful seasoning – a repast to savor.  “

ARDEN SEMINARS is unique on the American intellectual, political and corporate landscapes, combining the rigorous thinking of the academy with the creative voices of the artist and the pragmatic experience of the boardroom. The Arden Seminar community and its participants include actors, writers, scholars, at home parents, filmmakers, journalists, scientists, lawyers, physicians, bankers, judges, photographers, anthropologists, community volunteers, teachers, nurses, diplomats.  The widel spectrum of the political landscape is represented. The goal of ARDEN SEMINARS is to provide a fertile environment in which educated and curious women and men develop new frameworks for a deeper understanding of the world in which we live and a richer appreciation of individual choices which challenge each of us in the 21st century. ARDEN SEMINARS is an independent non-profit entity, unaffiliated with any institutional base or political theory. The seminars are not dependent on any one source of funding.  Participation fees cover the costs of running the seminars themselves.

The core of the Seminar programs consists of pre-assigned readings and skillfully moderated discussions over a three or five day program focused on enduring themes – apology and forgiveness (both personal and political), qualities of leadership in times of crisis or the challenges of speaking the truth. The dialogues are intense, transformative, and pose universal questions rooted in classical and contemporary themes.

Arden PillarThe Seminars are held in a variety of settings across the United States and in Europe. Recent seminars locations include
Asilomar, Monterey CA
Round Top, Texas
Windsor Castle, England
Savannah, Georgia
Pasadena, California
Lenox, Massachusetts
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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